The Victoria Theatre - Waterloo (1860)

This Theatre was used a lot during the revival by well known evangelists speaking to working men and women. This is typical of a meeting.

Mr Carter engaged the Victoria for special services on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings in brackets March 25, 26 and 28). The attendance average perhaps 800 to 1000. After the preaching about 100 remained each evening and there were many very striking instances of conversion. The house could not be cleared much before midnight. Many of those who believed had such a clear view of Jesus that they describe themselves as having seen the pierced hands and feet of their Saviour.

From, 'The Revival', Volume iv, 13th April 1861.

lN September, 1860, the Victoria Theatre was engaged by Mr T. Shuldham Henry for Mr. Weaver, and richly did the Lord reward him for his faith. Richard Weaver preached the first Sunday, and the next day left London to join Reginald Radcliffe in Scotland, intending to return the following Saturday; but he was taken ill, and so was prevented from fulfilling his engagement. Consequently I was pressed to take his place. I keenly felt the awkward position I should be placed in,  knowing that my line of things was very different from Richard Weaver's. Nevertheless, after some prayer, I decided in the name of the Lord Jesus to go. I accordingly went; the theatre was crowded to excess; upwards of four thousand were present, and many of these were sceptics andinfidels, who had come expressly to hear my brother, in order to form a judgment about him, for by this time Richard Weaver had become very popular in London. Realizing my own weakness, I stood on the stage and candidly confessed to the people that I was not the man to stand for Richard Weaver, for, in the first place, I was not a natural orator like him; and, in the second place, I could not interest them with the recital of the numerous thrilling anecdotes which compose so great a part of his addresses; but, I said, God helping me, I can preach Jesus and the Resurrection, which I hope to do this night. I then quoted for my text the memorable16th verse of the 3rd chapter of the Gospel byJohn: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life;” and the Holy Ghost helped me to plan tthe cross before myself right infront of the people. My own vision was filled with Christ; breathless silence prevailed; and it seemed as though the tragic scene of Calvary was enacted over again on that stage before the assembled multitude. God’s wondrous love, as exhibited in the bleeding, groaning, dying Jesus on the cross broke sinners' hearts all over the theatre. AtthecloseIaskedthepeopleifdear Richard Weaver should be hindered from coming to London the next Sunday, whether they would receive me again in his stead.The whole assembly at once responded, “Yes!” Hundreds stayed behind for conversation, and God manifested most blessed results. Scores were in distress, and numbers were brought to realize settled peace through faith in Christ.


ONE man, with whom I spoke, declared that he did not know what to think about it, “For,” said he, “ I never heard it like this before.” A few days afterwards this man found me out, and told me, with streaming eyes and great emotion, that the love of God in Christ had broken his heart. He said, “I never remember weeping in my life before last Sunday night. Oh, sir, I was such a hardened wretch, that even the death of my only daughter could not draw a tear from my eyes, but since Sunday night I have sought solitude to weep in. I was a Sceptic. I came to the theatre only for the purpose of hearing, that I might afterwards make sport among my sceptical companions of what I had heard; but God’s love, as you told it out,has convinced me of the truth of the Scriptures, and moreover that I am a sinner. Since Sunday I have endeavoured to pray, but my wife is as bad as I was, and she has sworn at me while on my knees, and is so enraged that she has even blasphemed God in her sleep.” My heart was moved within me on hearing this touching tale. I prayed for him, and on several subsequent occasions I had intercourse with him, and have good reason to believe that he was brought to realise joy and peace through believing in Jesus.

Richard Weaver being unable to leave Scotland, I preached in lieu of him on the two following Sundays in the Victoria Theatre; thousands still thronged to hear the Word, and memorable nights they were. I have had personal intercourse with a great number of individuals during the past two years, who date their conversion from those three Sundays. Many of them are now consistent members of Christian Churches in the neighbourhood. 

"The Power of God", pages 24-6, by William Carter.

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