Sunderland Shipbuilding Yards (1874)

A good work is now going on in the district lying close to the iron-shipbuilding yards. It has long been known as one of the most unpromising parts of the town for spiritual work. A few earnest men some years ago started a Mission and Temperance Institute, and amid many discouragements have continued to labour for the good of the perishing thousands of old and young who both seemed alike hardened and vicious. The well-known evangelist Henry Lyon commenced to work there about three or four months ago, and, helped by Christians of all denominations, he has succeeded in making a breach in the wall of ungodliness. There has been a thorough breaking down of much opposition to the gospel, and wonderful trophies of divine
grace have been gained. Some of the worst lads in the place, that might previously have been seen any Sunday evening gambling and swearing at the street corners, now meet to sing the praises of the Lord, and even to pray for their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and companions. It was deemed advisable to keep out the children from the meetings for adults, so a children's service was started on the Sunday evenings, which is conducted in a smaller hall at the same time as the adult meeting. The room is packed with from 100 to 140, and the doors have to be closed and numbers sent away for want of room. Many of these are thoroughly in earnest about their souls, and profess to have given themselves to the Lord.

Last night, at a meeting of Nonconformist ministers and office-bearers, a large committee was appointed to make arrangements for the work of next winter. In prosecuting this, we intend to use the fresh zeal of the new converts. It is pleasant to be able to report concerning them that those best able to judge speak very favourably of the new converts. Very few have gone back to the world, the great majority are walking in the fear of the Lord, and some are intensely anxious to be employed in active work for Him.

SUNDERLAND, 29th August 1874.

"Times of Blessing," Sep 17th, 1874.

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