Belford (1863)

At the villages of BELFORD and KILOE, Revival services have been conducted by Mr George Nesbit, and many are now lifting up their hearts with joyfulness to the King of kings. It is very delightful to listen to the prayers which they offer up to their Saviour for his great mercies.

"The Revival," February 12th, 1863.

It pleased God to direct his faithful servant, Mr G. Nesbit, to this place about eight months ago, and since that time he has been holding meetings in the new school-room regularly every week, sometimes three in the week, all of which have been well attended; some have come from one to seven miles to the meetings, and the Lord has blessed the labours of his servant here as He has done in other places and numbers have been snatched from the fire. There is now a band of praying souls raised up in Belford, and in a village (Belford Moor) nearly all the people have been converted; and also at East Kyloe, where our brother lives, there is a blest work going on there. Oh, it is glorious to hear father, mother, sons, and daughters, thanking and praising God for what he has done for their souls.

Two or three weeks ago, when our brother was preaching, a young woman cried out, “Oh, my Jesus! Oh, my Jesus!“ He went out, and spoke to her, when she took him by the hand, and said, “Now, I have found a friend, Jesus is mine.“ In fact, at nearly every meeting we are overwhelmed with the sense of God's presence. A few weeks ago we had an experience meeting and were telling what great things the Lord had done for our souls, where of we are glad.  At this meeting our cup flowed over, as some told about their praying fathers, and praying mothers, and how they had been like the poor prodigal, wandering far, far from home. One told of his drunken father, and asked prayer for him; one said that he and his wife had determined not to go to any place of worship at all, but had been led to attend the meetings and now were rejoicing in Jesus. Others said they never thought that they had a soul to be saved, but had attended the meeting through mere curiosity, and could now say they had found Jesus to be the joy of their souls. There has not been an open-air meeting in this town for more than 20 years until Thursday last, in the evening, when our dear brother preached at the cross to a very large company and then retired to the school room for prayer. Belford has been noted for many years as a place, fearfully dead, but glory be to God who has been pleased to visit us with a special time of refreshing from his presence.

"The Revival," May 14th, 1863.

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