London (1860)

THE room over the soup-kitchen, 293, Euston-road, where Richard Weaver began his labours in London, was opened (in connexion with another brother) by Mr William Carter, with whose name our readers are familiar, and who has been greatly blessed at Bristol and Hastings, and elsewhere ; and eminently in this humble room. Working-men and women have been nightly gathered here, and during the last seven months hundreds of souls have been saved—forty on one night. On Sunday evening (July 22) the power of God was wonder­fully manifest. A breathless stillness was upon every soul. We heard Mr Carter say that he had been so exceedingly tried in spirit on the previous night, that he could not sleep, and spent the whole of the night in prayer. He asked the Lord to give him a token of his Divine approval in a blessing on the following evening, and the Lord answered by such a manifestation of his presence as they had never enjoyed there before. Many deeply interesting cases of conversion occurred. Amongst others three youths, all working together at one factory, went away rejoicing.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume III, page 42.

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