Long Lawford (1861)

Dear Sir,—Along with our dear brother Humphrey's letter, I send you a brief sketch of the revival at Long Lawford, which was brought about by his instrumentality some twelve months since. I have myself to bless the Lord in the first instance on my own account. I had long been seeking, but could not see clearly the simple way of justification by faith, till it pleased the Lord to open my eyes, by his servant Humphrey, and to show me that by faith alone, God was honoured. I had all along had a sort of misty idea that I must do something myself, but bless the Lord, now my only hope and plea is, "for me the Sa­viour died," so that now I have "ventured on him—ventured wholly."

One evening our brother Humphrey preached from the words, " Thy kingdom come;" and in preaching he used the figure of two opposing armies—Christ's and Satan's—and so vivid was the picture that one friend of mine saw him­self so plainly in the devil's ranks, that he became utterly miserable; he was constrained to throw himself at the feet of Jesus, and there found mercy. "Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

During that gracious week many more in this village sought and found mercy, and are now pressing forward towards the prize. Since that time we have enlarged our chapel at a cost of nearly £70, and this is only a small village and nearly all poor labouring people. Many in this village will date their day of awakening from our brother Humphrey's visit. R LLOYD.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 256.

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