St Paul's, Bath (1874)

We have had a Mission week in St. Paul's parish, in this city, from Sunday, March 8 to 10, three services being held; those in the morning and afternoon, when the addresses were chiefly to believers, were well attended, but the evening services were generally crowded, with earnest and anxious ones, thus proving that where the Word of Life is faithfully preached the "people hear it gladly. The Mission preacher has been the Rev. S. Christopher Morgan, brother of the vicar of St. Paul's. The services included one for children, for servants, for the aged, for young men and women, and were concluded with a thanksgiving service. There has been after-meetings in the church after all the evening services; large numbers have remained for prayer.
On Sunday evening about 400 stayed behind, many testifying to the showers of blessing so graciously bestowed. To God be all the glory!

"The Christian," March 26th, 1874

Additional Information

I assume it is the Abbey church

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