Portlemouth (1861)

I may mention one or two of the striking answers to prayer which have occurred amongst us. During the third week in this year the blessed Lord put forth his power amongst us, and within four weeks more than a hun­dred souls were saved. A young brother was praying in the meeting and asked the Lord to smite the sinner in the ale­house. In less than ten minutes one came in, in drink, and knelt down. We talked to and prayed for, him. I heard his statement from his own lips. He knew not how he came there. The next night he was again present, and deeply im­pressed with the necessity of a change of heart; and the fourth evening after, he was enabled to rejoice in the Lord. Some have gone from the meeting, but have been compelled to return again. One young man after going out tried to go home, but could not; he came back and cried aloud as he "meted up the aisle. He found mercy before he left. Another young man was smitten when at work on the deck of a new vessel. He fell down and cried for mercy, and found it; he then jumped to his feet and embraced those who were with him, and who had lately been converted. Some have been convinced of sin in their houses; one a young girl who had not been to any place for prayer. She was convinced of being a sinner in the eight of God by another girl speaking to her. In the evening she was compelled to go to the house of prayer, and there found peace. Another, about eighteen, could not rest in her bed; and, about two in the morning, dressed herself and left the house, her master leading her through the street to the chapel to be prayed for; but the meeting was closed, and they were obliged to return. She has since found peace. At Portle­mouth, a village of about a hundred inhabitants, near us, a similar work has gone on; between twenty and thirty souls saved, and in other villages around the work has commenced.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 86.

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