Lydbrook (1864)

Your numerous readers would be glad to hear that many souls were brought to a state of decision for Christ and others awakened to a consciousness of their perilous danger. One aged female, after much agony, having obtained a saving sight of the blessed Saviour, said, “Oh that I had known the value of religion before, it’s joys are so great, and it’s comfort to my soul surpassing all I ever knew or felt before.“ Mr Rodway lived with us for four days, and it is impossible to estimate the influence which has been left on the minds of the people; doubtless, it may be compared to the onward, moving of the waters, wave rushing on wave, carrying a vital power from one to another in succession. At least 15 souls came to a stand for Christ, and will soon make a public confession of their faith by being buried with Christ in baptism and uniting with his militant body.

"The Revival," March 24th, 1864.


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