Flamborough (1865)

We have just returned home from Yorkshire, where we have been labouring nearly five weeks, with much
glorious success. We commenced at Bridlington, where prayer meetings had been held for a fortnight previous to our commencing preaching, and as might be expected, the Lord poured out His Holy Spirit and a blessed revival of true religion commenced. Large congregations assembled every night, and at the close of each service some found salvation through the blood of the Lamb. Backsliders, drunkards, infidels, blasphemers, and some most desperate swearers, were overwhelmed by a sense of their sins, sought mercy, and, thank God for his saving grace, found peace through the blood of the Lamb. On Saturday night, at the close of the first week, sixty-one spoke to the glory of God's salvation in one hour and a half; seventy-three of all ages professed to find peace in the first week. The next nine days, at Flamborough and here, we found the brethren giants in prayer and mighty before God. They through their whole souls into the blessed work, and the Lord heard and answered, and souls found peace every night. Many of all classes, including some of the most desperate among the fishermen, cried out for mercy and found peace and pardon through faith in the precious blood. On the last Monday night, we held a fellowship meeting, at which a large number spoke to the efficacy of God's saving grace and many more professed to find peace here in the nine days; so that in Bridlington and Flamborough, some 170 confessed Christ in the three weeks. At Whitby, I found a kind people, but dead enough. Thank the Lord, He granted, in answer to prayer and effort the quickening and softening power of the Holy Spirit and a goodly number attended and 23 blessed cases of conversion transpired, thus making for the three places, 193. To the Lord be all the praise and glory! We left the friends rejoicing in the Lord. We have received a note from one of the ministers, whose heart is thoroughly in the work, telling me that all the children and adults are provided with suitable leaders. Unto God be all the Glory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

D HUMPHREY (Leamington)

"The Revival," March 23rd, 1865.

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