Henbury (1861)

From Macclesfield, we went to spend a few days with a dear Christian farmer at Henbury, four miles from Macclesfield. There we had a prayer-meeting on Wednesday night (20th ult.), and our host invited a few friends to his house on Friday night, supposing that as many as could come would find accommodation in the four rooms on the ground floor and that Weaver would be heard in each room. But by six o'clock the farm-yard was nearly full of people, so we had an open-air meeting, with the moon for our lamp, and I suppose from 400 to 500 people heard the word of life. After the preaching, thirty or forty remained to a prayer-meeting in the kitchen, and I trust that ten or twelve went home with the burden of sin removed.

From the 'Revivalist Newspaper', Volume IV, page 109.

Additional Information

Location of farm unknown.

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