Barrow-in-Furness (1865)

The Sabbath just past is one of the most blessed I have spent since I came to this place. Mr Dunn had been lecturing all the week in the Temperance Hall to increasing audiences. On Sunday evening the Primitive Methodists held their camp-meeting. By singing through the streets they arrested the attention of many that attend no place of worship, and great numbers were gathered to hear the glorious truths of the gospel. Addresses were delivered by Messrs. Rimmer, Wesleyan; West, Sailors' Missionary: Wrathall, Primitive Methodist minister; and Dunn, temperance lecturer. In the evening a public love-feast was held, followed by a prayer meeting. Several persons were led to cry for mercy and several professed to find peace with God through believing in our Lord Jesus Christ. To Him we ascribe the glory now and forever. At half-past seven Mr Dunn gave an address in the Temperance Hall, which evidently deeply affected the minds of some. 

"The Revival," August 10th, 1865

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