Whitwood (1865)

It will gladden the hearts of the Lord's people to hear of the work that is now of this place: Brother Joshua Poole and his wife have been labouring amongst us for a week and the fire that was burning when they came was fanned into a glorious flame and still continues to burn, to God's glory in the conversion of sinners. Whitwood for some time has been notorious for fighting, drunkeness, gambling and all manner of vice, but thanks be to God, during the visit of Mr and Mrs Poole we were enabled to form a teetotal society, and upwards of 130 signed the pledge, and about 100 have found peace with God, through believing in Jesus. Brother Poole went down a coal pit preached Christ to the men and boys there, and invited them to a meeting. Many of them went, and eleven found peace. Next day they were singing hymns instead of cursing and swearing. During the prayer meeting on the Monday evening, an old pilgrim, that has been on the way to heaven for more than forty-three years, said, while tears of joy ran down his cheeks, "I never saw it in this fashion before - children praying
for their parents and parents praying for their children." Oh may the Lord keep these souls to the day of eternal redemption! There are many happy homes in this place now, through the labour of these servants of God. It is no uncommon thing in our meetings to hear men bless God for sending Mr and Mrs Poole to Whitwood. May God bless them, and make them increasingly useful in the conversion of souls. Yours in Christ Jesus.

"The Revival," March 23rd, 1865.

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