Haughton Green Primitive Methodist Chapel (1865)

Isaac Eaton, from Manchester, has been conducting services in the Primitive Methodist Chapel for some few weeks. Previous to his coming here we had been in a very low and dead state, owing to a want of revival in our own hearts. During the past six weeks services have been held every night, and, upon the whole, the meetings have been well attended and we are happy to inform you that God has owned his labours with success, sixty or seventy having found peace through believing. Isaac Eaton, though little more than a youth, is well qualified to awaken sinners to a sense of their danger wherever his lot may be cast. Many a parent, on account of their child, and many a child, on account of the parent, will bless God throughout eternity that ever the Lord directed his steps hither. A great revival seems to be going on throughout the village. Members of different churches meet with us, and blend their prayers at one common altar. Sectarianism is entirely laid aside, and we love God and each other with pure hearts fervently, soliciting an interest in the prayers of the whole church of God.-Yours in Christ.

"The Revival," March 30th, 1865.

Additional Information

The Chapel was demolished in 1971. 

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