Alnwick (1864)

In answer to the prayers of a few of the Lord's people, who entreated Him to send some who would advocate, the cause and religion of Christ, and not be ashamed, He sent Mr Murray to this dark and wicked place. Many of the people are of sceptical notion and never go to any place of worship. We have had several visits from this man of God. He came once more on Friday erening, February 19th, and spoke to an immense company, composed of infidels, sceptics, Unitarians, Catholics, and Christians. Some have been saved by his exertions, and a good opening now presents itself to all the different sections of Christ's Church who are ready to embrace and reap the harvest; for things are taking a change for the better - this topic of the conversation of the town and its vicinity being chiefly about religion. While Mr Murray was here before, a woman was induced by some of her neighbours to go and hear the man who was making all the stir. She went and heard the word; it reached her heart; and when she went to her work the next day she told her employer, "that professing Christian though he was, he never had spoken or warned her of her danger." In the course of a few days she was laid on a bed of sickness, and died, having an interest in Christ -- a sinner saved by grace-a brand plucked from the burning. Many more instances of the blessed results of the exertions of this man of God might be enumerated. We are glad to state that Mr Smith, another earnest seeker of souls, is about to visit Alnwick and hold a series of meetings.

"The Revival," March 10th, 1864.

The Lord is now answering the requests for prayer made for Alnwick in the salvation of many souls. On Saturday, March 26, Mr. C. Smith, a man mighty in prayer and full of the Holy Ghost, came to Alnwick, to hold revival services. A silent work had been going on for some time past; and now the Lord, in a wonderful manner, is crowning the efforts of his servant with success. The chapel is crowded every night with a mixed company. Some coming to mock, fail of their object, for the power of God is felt to such an extent, that they are made to stand in awe and sin not, for the time they are there. Penitents come forward, and cry aloud -- yea, they will not leave the chapel till they find mercy.  About 100, it is said, have professed to have found the Lord to the joy of their souls. In one house a family of three, in less than a week, were all converted. One woman said, "I do bless God that ever my boy died, for it has been the means of drawing me to Jesus, and I am so happy now." A Sunday school teacher has prayed for one of his pupils for four years, and on Wednesday, April 6th, he had the pleasure of seeing that lad rejoice in a sin-pardoning God. Another young person came and thanked a young servant of Jesus for urging her to decide for Christ. She found Christ the night after, and now her heart pants for others.

"The Revival," April 21st, 1864.

Prayer meetings on Sunday afternoons in a private house in Clayport-street. The thirst for united prayer became so intense in a short time that the Friday nights, and subsequently the Monday nights, were devoted to the same purpose, a zealous Christian supplying a large room, cleaned and seated for these meetings, at his own expense. The Lord has been pleased to
make his saving power known on these occasions in a very eering manner. One Friday evening in particular, a meeting of anxious inquirers was held after the prayer meeting, at which three persons found peace to their souls, one of whom was taken to glory a fortnight afterwards, testifying that she was going to be with Jesus. These meetings have continued and have increased in number, so that six are now held every week. 

Special prayer meetings were held in common with those throughout the world, on the first week of the new year, and are found to be times of refreshing, from the presence of the Lord. At this time the town was privileged to be revisited by Mr C Smith, whose special services were very markedly owned by God. Many who were not in the habit of attending any place of worship came to hear the word preached by him, and though there were some scoffers, who went only to interrupt and make light of the solemn truths proclaimed, the sword of the Spirit did havoc among impenitent hearts; ay, even among the scoffers themselves. A young woman, a Catholic, who came to the meetings two or three times purposely to ridicule the service, had her sinful mirth changed to blessed grief. which soon was followed by that perfect joy found only at the cross. And this is not a solitary case, for above a hundred have been brought into the fold of Jesus during the past few months. The conversion of one entire family, previously noted for their abandonment to sin, calls for special praise. First the wife, then, through her instrumentality and earnest prayers, the husband, found rest for their souls in Jesus. The remainder of the family followed their good example, till at last the father of the above, an old man drawing near to the close of a sinful life, was rescued by redeeming love; thus completing the family circle, all pilgrims to the new Jerusalem. In another case, an anxious mother's prayers for the only one of her family who knew not the Lord were answered after years of earnest intercession on his behalf.

A few weeks since a woman who was spending the Sunday at Alnwick experienced the saving power of god in a remarkable manner. She had been for three years the subject of conviction but resisted the Spirit of God. She heard Mr Smith preach and when spoken to by him after the services concerning her soul, she answered him impudently. Mr S rejoined solemnly, "Woman, the power of the Lord is upon you just now." Struck by the words she fainted at his feet. She afterwards attended the meeting for the anxious inquirers, and ere it was over knelt as a penitent and cried for mercy. Asking Mr Smith's
forgiveness for her rudeness, she was directed by him to seek pardon from God; she found it and returned home to urge her husband the like precious boon.

An unconverted woman had been borne on the breath of prayer before God by her husband and his aunt for a long time. Her heart resisted even when the prayers of friends, specially invited to pray with her, were poured out; but at the last special
service she was to be seen a weeping penitent, and she and her husband now walk together in the narrow way. Mr Smith has
now left; but may the Spirit of God remain, and still work mightily here.

"The Revival," March 16th, 1865.


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