Newcastle - Brunswick Chapel (1859)

The following is from a letter addressed to the editor of the Watchmen, by the Rev. Robert Young:—The Revival with which this town is favoured is advancing with increased power and glory. In Brunswick-place Chapel we hold a daily united prayer-meeting, from twelve o'clock to one; another meeting, for exhortation and prayer, from three to five; and a similar service from seven to ten. Many seem "filled with the Holy Ghost," and to pray "as the Spirit gives them utterance." All attempts to proselytise are utterly repudiated. Hence some designate the work "The Evangelical Alliance Revival." The meetings, though often crowding our spacious chapel, are orderly and generally marked by deep solemnity. It is true, that, occasionally, there is the cry of the spirit-stricken sinner, and the bursting joy of the newly emancipated captive, but that is "music in our ears." Zion is putting on her strength.

From 'Revival Newspaper,' Volume 1, p102, 22nd October 1859 By the end of the year the pastor reported 1,400 conversions from the special services. The Times newspaper reported '...this town has become the scene of a religious 'Awakening' which bids fair to rival anything of the kind which has occurred either in America or the North of Ireland.'

Additional Information

This church was built in 1820.

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