Northiam (1860)

A wonderful work is going on at Beckley, Northiam, and Brede. The chapels are crammed, and sobs and cries are to be heard throughout the congregations. Nearly 100 souls have been added to the church at Beckley in about five weeks; to God be all the glory. Oh! could you but hear the dear children sing, weep, and pray, it would do your soul good. You may think it excitement, but it is not, it is a reality, and you would think so if you were amongst them. "Bless the Lord, oh my soul."

A friend at Staplehurst says!--I was at Northiam on business a few days since, and a friend told me that such was the influence of the awakening, that religion was the one theme of conversation. The converts have to a large extent been young men of the labouring class. J. K

Another correspondent from the same neighbourhood writers us:—I am thankful to say the cry is continually being heard, "What must I do to be saved." I was at Northiam chapel 'last Friday evening; there was weeping and sobbing all over the place, and many souls were made happy. I now feel something of the reality of religion. Above 140 have been added to the church at Beckley; nearly 50 at Northiam; from 80 to 90 at Brede; from 40 to 50 at Peasmarah. It is marvel­lous in our eyes.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume ii, page 53 and 68.

Additional Information

I believe the report below refers to the Wesleyan Methodist Church, but I do not know where that is.

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