Free Trade Hall - Manchester (1861)

The meetings in the free trade Hall with Reginald Radcliffe were a complete success; it was crowded to access. Many were broken down.

The visit of Richard Weaver is very opportune, succeeding Mr Radcliffe's recent meetings in Manchester; and great hopes are entertained by many of a widely extended blessing. We were much struck, at both meetings in the Free Trade Hall, with a large proportion of men. Weaver noticed it at the evening meeting, saying it was a good sign for Manchester, for if the man came the women would follow.

From, 'The Revival', Volume v, 19th October 1861

I now write to you to let you know that God is still with me and blessing his word to the salvation of precious souls. All glory to his name. I have had some good meetings at Manchester and many sinners found peace with God there. One man took hold of my hand and said with tears in his eyes, "the Lord bless you, Mr Weaver, did you ever came to Manchester; for before you came to the city I was an infidel but I came to hear you; the Lord convinced me of my error and bless God now I can say, 'Christ for me', for the Lord has pardoned all my sins and my home is like a little heaven, for my wife has found the Lord as well; bless His name. Oh Mr Weaver the Lord bless you, for I know that I am a sinner saved and washed by the blood of the lamb." Last Sunday night, a Roman Catholic  got up on the form after I had done speaking and said, "thank God that I ever came to hear Mr Weaver, with some more of my friends who are Roman Catholics, for we have found that it is not beads, nor Saints nor crucifixes, nor anything else, but it's Christ and him alone, that can save; and thank God I with some of my fellow workmen can say that the Lord has forgiven us and given us peace in Christ; and we were pleased with the discourses and especially with God, who so loved the world and I know many Roman Catholics and bigoted ones, that are thankful to God that they came to the Free Trade Hall." So you see, the Lord is doing wonders in this great city; all glory to the Lamb; for the gospel is getting the victory over hell and devils and it's saving sinners.

From, 'The Revival', Volume v, 30th November 1861.

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