Lerwick Congregational Church, Shetlands (1874)

An additional interest was given to these meetings last week in consequence of an announced visit of Mr Moody and an Edinburgh deputation. On Sabbath evening, however, the intelligence that Mr Moody would be unable to visit Shetland at present, being unfit for further exposure by sea, was made known. The meeting at the Cross, however, was the largest we have seen. The Congregational Chapel was full to overflowing and many stood around the doors and windows unable to gain admittance.

On Monday the noon meeting was well attended. The meeting at the Cross at seven was also large and at 8:00 o'clock the meeting in the Congregational Chapel was as well attended as usual by the general public. There was also held the first of a series of meetings and the Free Church. There can be no doubt of the interest excited and the good results which, in some cases, have followed these meetings, whatever the future may reveal.

On Tuesday evening the attendance was larger than usual in the Congregational Chapel, notwithstanding a similar meeting was being held in the Free Church. A large number of inquiriers remained at the close.

On Wednesday evening the attendance was still increased, as the gallery was well occupied. The inquirer's meeting was larger than formally.

"The Christian," September 3rd, 1874.

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