The Corridor - Bath (1861)

Prayer is still being answered in the salvation of souls. Our Corridor meetings are still filled, and both there and elsewhere the power of God is made manifest in the conviction and conversion of the people. We are receiving very encouraging letters from persons who have been blessed at the meetings. A gracious work is going on at Weston, near Bath, a very dark place, where drunkenness prevails in greater proportion than in Bath. Thirty-five or more within the last few days have been convinced of sin there, and most of these have been made happy.

The United Daily Prayer-meeting at the Corridor Room is still attended by an average of about thirty-eight. It sometimes reaches between fifty and sixty, but it is an inconvenient hour for many to attend. The Weekly Prayer meeting con­ducted by clergymen at the Assembly Rooms is attended by about four hundred. I have just arranged into districts the names of seventy-one persons, who have been convinced or have found peace at the last few meetings, as we see the need of following them to know that they stand their ground. T. A.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 118.

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