Lentom (1864)

A zealous brother in the Lord, W H Beakin, has been preaching with much success amongst the various denominations and the Lord has been pleased to pour out his Spirit and thus his labour's had been made a blessing to many precious souls. About 70 have professed to have found Jesus. One case that has come under my notice is a striking instance of the Spirits power. A young man steeped in sin, a dog fighter, foot racer, pigeon flyer, indeed for most in all that was bad, went on the Sunday evening to hear. The sermon little affected him, but all night he was haunted by the text, “Son, remember.” He sought to drown conviction next morning by going to his old resort, the ale bench, but the cup would not silence his conscience. In the middle of the next night he started up and said to his wife, “oh, my dear wife what shall I do? That sermon on Sunday follows me everywhere ‘Son, remember.’ I cannot forget it; Do pray for me”. This she could not do; but the next day at noon, in a cottage meeting that our brother held in the neighbourhood, she sought and found the Saviour, to the joy of her soul and like the woman of Samaria, went to tell her husband that she had found Jesus. With tears in his eyes he exclaimed, “I wish I had.” The next night he came to the Chapel and when the question was put, “who will volunteer for Jesus tonight?” He was the first to put up his hand and exclaimed, ”I will”, and there and then his chains fell off. He at once to opened his house for prayer and class meetings, in which house his own brother has since found peace and they are both now earnestly pleading for the conversion of an elder brother and notorious dog fighter, for whom they desire the prayers of the Saints and that they may walk worthy of their high calling and may the Lord still revive his work here.

“The Revival”, April 7th 1864 

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