Darlington Baptist Church, Darlington - D L Moody (1873)

Mr Moody and Mr Sankey commenced a week of services in the Grange-road Baptist Chapel, on Sunday, 19th inst. From the commencement deep interest has been manifested by Christians connected with the various churches, and day by day the influence of the various meetings have spread throughout the town and district with great rapidity. The large chapel in which the services are held is crowded to the door every evening, and large numbers are unable to get admission at all.

The services are of the simplest character. Mr Moody's homely and curt, but terribly earnest, appeals to the unsaved never fail to produce a deep impression upon the congregation. Mr Sankey is equally touching in the sweet and pathetic pieces he sings, playing his own accompaniment upon the American organ; and when the vast congregation catch up and join in the refrain, the influence is frequently almost overpowering.

The evening meetings are immediately followed by prayer meetings when the anxious ones are invited to leave the meeting and pass into the vestries, where they may be spoken to. Up to the present time more than 150 persons have been thus dealt with and the spirit of enquiry is deep and spreading.

The midday prayer meetings have been the means of great blessing. Many of the converts have stood up to declare themselves on the Lord's side. Others, anxious for their own salvation have sought the intercession of the meetings on their behalf. Numerous written and spoken requests have from day to day been made for prayer, and both old and young have borne testimony to the Saviour's love. The daily meetings have possessed a spirit of very earnest prayer. The daily afternoon Bible lectures have also been attended with rich blessings. It is much to be regretted that the stay of Mr Moody and Mr Sankey in Darlington is necessarily short, but it is to be hoped that the work so successfully began will be continued by the united efforts of the different churches,

'The Christian", October 30th, 1873.

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