Oxford - James Caughey (1864)

Many of your numerous readers will be pleased to hear the results of the labours of the Reverend James Caughey in this ancient and far-famed city. During the four weeks which he has spent with us he has preached 23 sermons, attended and addressed the people at seven prayer meetings, held on Monday evenings and Sabbath afternoons. All the services have been attended by a very gracious influence, which has often called forth the exclamation, “Master, it is good to be here.“ on Thursday, July 21, Mr Caughey held his usual confirmation meeting when the members of our own and other churches were admitted by tickets or notes. All persons who, during the services have received justification took their seats in the middle of the chapel, which presented an aspect most cheering to every lover of Zion. There sat a large number of persons newly found in Christ, their hearts filled with their first love, their faces radiant with joy, which told of the happiness they felt.  The first hymn was given out by Mr Caughey; then Mr Crapper offered an earnest and appropriate prayer for the lambs of Christ's flock. Another hymn was then sung; after which, the young convert were called forward, a dozen at once, when to each person of each company two questions were proposed viz, “Have you peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ?“ “Have you joined a Christian church?‘ The answers were most satisfactory. Each company was then committed to God in prayer, and on their knees pledged to attend the means of grace and be faithful to God's service. This part of the service, which was interesting and solemn, being finished, the Reverend James Caughey proceeded to administer the Lord's supper to the young converts and all persons who wished it. It was a pleasing sight to see seated at the Lord’s table members of Baptists, Independent, Primitive Methodist and Wesleyan churches, and all proved how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.  The total number of names recorded of persons who have received special good is 151. Mr Caughey preached his farewell sermon on the Friday evening and commenced his services at Bicester in Oxfordshire on Sabbath last, July 24. May God’s blessing be with his chosen ones! – Wesleyan Times.

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