The Scottish Music Hall (1874)


The good work commenced some time ago by these dear friends continues to deepen. Though suffering a good deal in body they continue to hold meetings every night and are rewarded by seeing the poor and wretched outcasts coming to listen to the simple message of the Cross and many of them finding rest in Jesus.

On Sunday evening last we held the meeting in the Scottish Music Hall (one of our largest Music saloons), three to four thousand people present, mostly of the class who never attend any place of worship. The attention and interest manifested were remarkable as our dear sister spoke on these solemn words, "What is a man profited if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" We could see from the dim eyes and wet cheeks that the arrow of conviction had gone home to the heart of many poor wanderer.  Many remained to the after meeting, and numbers found peace in believing. One man came into the Music Hall with his pockets full of stones, to throw at Joshua and the others on the stage, but the word reached his heart and he went down to his house a new creature in Christ Jesus. May the Lord help this man to be as faithful a servant
of Jesus as he has been to the devil.

"The Christian", January 15th, 1874

These meetings began before Moody arrived in Glasgow and show, in part, that the 'revival' had already begun before he came.

Additional Information

I do not know where the 'Scottish Music Hall" was.

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