Cockerhill (1861)

During the last three weeks the Lord has graciously owned the labours of Thomas Wood, a converted bricklayer on Cockerhill. Prayer-meetings are held from house to house during the week, and much good has been done. Some have bid farewell to the public-houses, the card-table, gambling, cock-fighting, dancing, pigeon-flying, &c., &c., and are not ashamed to stand up and tell what the Lord has done for their souls. During the past week fifty-three have been converted to God. Children are praying for God to touch the hearts of their drunken fathers and mothers and singing

"Happy day, happy day!.

When Jesus washed my sins away."

Your prayers are requested for a man that threw a gallon of ale on us at a meeting last Tuesday night. He could not stand to hear his children praying for him in the street. We hope to see him pull down his sign-board shortly. May the power of God touch his heart. Brethren, pray for the quickening of the churches in this wicked town and for a greater awakening among the ungodly. Thank God I ever went to the Corn Ex­change, Manchester, to hear Richard Weaver. He stirred me up to seek the conversion of my sinful neighbours. All glory to God, He is moving powerfully among them. From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 165.

The work of the Lord is still prospering on Cockerhill. During the past week one hundred and ten persons have given their names as professedly pardoned sinners. A young man came to mock, but the Lord touched his heart, and he found pardon and peace; he brought his father, mother, sister, and brother, and they all professed to obtain the blessing they sought —their house has become a house of prayer. God is working powerfully among the vilest sinners in the town; drunkards, gamblers, Sabbath-breakers, &c., attend our meetings, and a great many have turned to God and are singing nightly that beautiful hymn, "Christ for me."

One old man says his heart is burning with the love of Jesus the same as if he had the heart-burn; another man who had been a great drunkard, now kneels down with his wife to pray and praise the Lord for what He has done for him and his family. Another young convert, a noted card-player, addressed his ungodly companions on Monday night last; after the meet­ing twenty-six gave their names as having been turned from darkness to light. They went home at ten o'clock, singing, "My old companions, fare you well." Pray for us.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 199.

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