Montrose Parish Church - D L Moody (1874)

Who can tell how much God’s spirit has wrought in this brief space of time, the only measure that could be allotted the provincial towns of Montrose and Brechin.

“One more day's work for Jesus” means a great deal in the hands of those heaven-impelled servants of the Lord, who at present are breaking up new ground and going forward in the work with unabated zeal.

On Tuesday, the Parish Church of Montrose was crowded at two meetings upwards of 3,000 gaining admittance on each occasion and nearly as many obliged to go away.

Mr Moody traced the Blood of the Lamb from Genesis to Revelation. This faithful testimony to the infinite preciousness of the Blood of Jesus is most apparent in the conversions to God that immediately result and can hardly be less useful in its tendency to overthrow those fatal doctrines of the day that oppose the cross and throw dishonour on the sacrifice of Christ.

The evening meeting was even more crowded than the afternoon and notwithstanding the torrents of rain that fell throughout the evening, the overflow meeting was largely attended, at which Mr Sankey presided and sang some of his touching solos with exquisite sympathy and persuasiveness.

At the central meeting, Mr Moody held forth the Saviour of the lost, mighty to save on the spot and the attracting love of the seeking Saviour drew weary ones to the inquiry meeting where some entered into life, and the hearts of the dear resident labourers rejoiced in the confident expectation of more to follow.

“The Christian”, July 9th, 1874.

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