Footdee (1874)

My dear Sir,-As you have been kind enough to enter in THE CHRISTIAN my former letters, I send you this one at the close of the work of the Scottish Evangelistic Association's Agent. It is evident that e have gathered but the first fruits and that the tide of blessing is not at the flood in this city, still these first fruits are very precious. The converts' meeting which was held on Friday evening last was indeed a goodly sight, at least four hundred were there of those who had either
got the blessing and found Christ at this time, or being believers before had been brought into liberty. They were chiefly young people from twelve and fourteen to eighteen and twenty-two years of age and were but a portion of those over the town who have come under the power of divine truth at this time. It is estimated that the numbers cannot fall short of six hundred, including those at Footdee and Torry. On all sides, you hear mention of blessing.

In one household alone, I know of all the servants, five in number, who have professed to have received Christ and undergone a saving change; and in the same family several of the Children. And so in a greater or less degree in all quarters of the town.

Henry Varley comes here for Sabbath to give an address in the Music Hall, and hold meetings during the next week;
we pray that he may reap many souls.

As we asked the Lord's people to pray for Aberdeen, we now would ask them to give thanks and praise for the answer
to these prayers that has been granted.-Yours most truly in the hope of the gospel,


'The Christian" April 23rd, 1874.

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