Free Church School, Ochiltree (1874)

In answer to the earnest prayers of God's people, Ochiltree has at last received its time of blessing. Since the commencement of the great religious awakening in Scotland, we have heard from time to time of the great work of the
Lord going on all around, but little interest was excited by such reports, and there appeared to be no spiritual awakening. However, our faith and hope were strengthened by the promise of a visit from two evangelists, Messrs. Watt and Bissett, who, when they came amongst us, laboured with great zeal for the conversion of souls. They continued with us for three weeks, during which time many, it is believed, were brought to the Saviour. For the first three nights of our series of meetings, none waited as anxious inquirers; on the fourth night a good number waited; and on all the following nights considerable numbers: so that now, in this corner of His vineyard, the Good Shepherd has quite a flock. The first meetings were held in the Free Church schoolroom, but the numbers attending have greatly increased, they have been held for the last week in the Parish Church. Our ministers have both taken an active part in the work, which we hope they will carry on with earnestness while the Holy Spirit is working so powerfully in our midst. Under their guidance, and by the grace of the Great Shepherd of Israel, we trust that very many who have made a good profession will endure unto the end and that there may continue to be added to the Church daily such as shall be saved.

"Times of Blessing," Nov 5th, 1874

Additional Information

The Free Church had a school in Main Street - I assume the current school is on that spot. The road beside it 'Old School Wynd' makes it likely.

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