Lowestoft - William Carter (1862)

On Wednesday we went to Lowestoft. I preached in a large goods shed on the beach to more than 2,000 persons, and the Lord wrought powerfully on the hearts and consciences of sinners. Many were broken up and brought to Christ. We held an anxious inquirers’ meeting in the town hall in the morning and many came, and we had joy over some who were brought to realise sweet peace and rest of soul in Jesus, the riven Rock. On Thursday night I preached again in the same place, I should judge, to near 4,000 persons; and truly it was one of the most solemn times ever known by Christians in those parts (this was their own testimony). Hearts were broken all over the immense shed. I have no doubt that scores of souls were saved on that night. We did not break up till near eleven o'clock. I witnessed about a dozen young men pass from darkness to light, from a state of despair to one of joy and peace. Just then a dear woman said to Mrs. Carter, “What! did Jesus suffer for me on the cross? did God punish my sins in Christ? then (clasping her hands) I am free from all condemnation;” and her face was lighted up with joy. A sailor came up to me heart-broken, and said, “Sir,I am a sinner; what shall I do?” I took him by the hand and sat him down. I pointed him to Christ, and like the jailor, in a few minutes he rejoiced with joy unspeakable, believing in Christ with all his heart. I met numbers in this place who had been converted through dear brother Radcliffe's ministry. I have not been in a place yet where I think God owned his testimony more than in Lowestoft. We were obliged to leave on Friday morning, so we could not have another meeting in the town hall, but we are under a promise to return.

"Power of God", page 60-1, by William Carter.

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