Dagger Hall, West Bromwich (1863)

A union prayer meeting has been held at Dagger Hall, at six o'clock on Sunday morning during the summer, when Christians of different denominations have attended, and offered prayer to God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with great fervour. Exhortations have been given during the time, and 500 or 600 people have attended and listened attentively to the fervent prayers of God's people, and the all-important truths of the Cross. The Holy Spirit of God has come down, numbers of those who have been accustomed to go across the park on a Sunday morning have stopped and listened very attentively during the time the service has been going on, and then have returned with the mission along the different routes to the top of New-street, where the meeting has closed. Large numbers of tracts have been given away, a great proportion of them gratuitously supplied by the Christian public for which the friends feel very thankful. Through the mercy of God wanderers have been brought to Christ, backsliders have been reclaimed; believers have been built up; God has been glorified: and eternity will have to prove the amount of good that has been done during the summer. To God be all the praise. Christians go and do likewise. WILLIAM WILKINS

"The Revival," November 5th, 1863.

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Either here of on the other side of Salters Lane

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