Woodhouse Carr (1859)

Times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord," have recently been vouchsafed to this populous locality. Some of the most wicked and abandoned characters in the neighbourhood are among the trophies of the Redeemer's mercy and are now zealous for a better Master. One case is that of an elderly man who had been a backslider for upwards of fourteen years, and whose habits of drunkenness had brought distress and want upon his family, and disgrace and ruin upon himself. He was led to an evening meeting, whilst under the influence of the cursed liquor, but sufficiently sober to know what he was doing. There he was met by a female, who, fifteen or sixteen years before was one of his scholars in the Sabbath-school, and who was instrumentally led to the Saviour by this poor backslider. He was faithfully admonished. He promised to come next night. He did so. He was under deep awakening. He said, "I will arise, and go to my Father;” and the prodigal of fourteen years' wandering was that night restored to a Father's house and heart. Subsequently to this, his wife and two children have been brought to fellowship with Christ and his church. Two or three cases have occurred where the profane have been arrested. One may be named, of a man who was a fearful swearer, and who was led of the Spirit to our meetings and there resolved to seek the Lord. He did so, with many tears, and was made happy. He has held on his way, though tried by wicked men, for his fellow-workmen have even threatened violence to make him swear; yet by the grace of God he remains steadfast. These are cheering events. The wicked are forsaking their ways—drunkards becoming sober—swearers learning to fear an oath—dog-fighters, cock-fighters, pigeon-flyers, and race-runners, breaking away from their wicked courses and companions ' - and throwing in their lot with God's people. We may well rejoice; ay, and we will rejoice. Such mighty changes have, during the past few mouths been going on at Woodhouse Carr. More than one hundred have been added to the church.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume ii, p35-6.

Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were held.

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