St John the Divine Elmswell (1860)

A few weeks back, a request appeared in the Revival, that prayer should be made for this place. I felt considerably interested in the request; I was connected with the Revival work in this place nearly half a century back, and shall never forget the soul-stirring, scenes I then witnessed. God has now signally answered his people's prayer by reviving his work in this village within the last few weeks; light and heat have been communicated in an extraordinary manner. The great work first broke out at a tea-meeting, and is now rapidly spreading; some scores of persons and some of the worst description of characters, have been brought under religious impressions, and many of them truly converted to God. And this glorious work is not confined to this village, as some of the neighbouring villages are catching the heavenly theme. To God be all the glory. TGP

From, 'The Revival', Volume IV, page 94.

Additional Information

I assume that meetings took place here.

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