Kyloe (1863)

.At the villages of BELFORD and KILOE, Revival services have been conducted by Mr George Nesbit, and many are now lifting up their hearts with joyfulness to the King of kings. It is very delightful to listen to the prayers which they offer up to their Saviour for his great mercies.

"The Revival," February 12th, 1863.

I hold meetings every week and have done for about six months and all glory to His thrice holy Name, great numbers have
been converted; there are some every night. There is no excitement in the meetings, but the Blessed Spirit is working mightily in bringing poor sinners in contact with that blood which cleanseth from all sin. Amongst the number, a schoolmaster has been converted. He prayed in the after-meeting last night. I have not heard such power in prayer since about last March when I heard Brother Weaver in the City of London Theatre, The schoolmaster says he is determined, by the help of God, to do what he can in his vineyard. I expect him and two others here at my house (Kyloe) on Sunday night, to tell the people what the Lord has done for their souls.

The people in the neighbourhood, for miles round are being stirred up by the mighty power of God's Spirit and great numbers of them are earnestly inquiring, "What must I do to be saved?"


"The Revival," March 12th, 1863.

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