Brunswick Place Wesleyan Chapel, Newcastle - D L Moody (1873)

A brother writes concerning the Noon Prayer-meeting:-

"Yesterday, the 14th, and today, Brother Moody's Noon Prayer meetings have been something extraordinary. In Newcastle yesterday the Music Hall was crammed with 1500 or 1600 people at noon. I counted about 54 requests for prayer and thanksgiving. It is a glorious time. Today, the 15th, the meeting was obliged to be held in the Brunswick Place chapel belonging to the Wesleyans, no other place being large enough; 2,500 were wedged in and very many went away. A large platform was erected and a very powerful and blessed meeting was held from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. There has never been such a meeting in Newcastle. Rev Mr Skerry, of Rye-hill Chapel, prayed the last prayer, and very many were bathed in tears, The Jubilee Singers, who were present, gave out, "I am going home to die no more," "Steal away to Jesus" etc and Mr Moody asked brother Sankey to give a parting hymn. He sang, "Shall we meet beyond the river, where the surges cease to roll?" The vast assemblage then began to clear away. It was a grand meeting, a noble tribute to our dear and beloved brethren's labours for the Lord in Newcastle. Let us praise God for a large harvest of souls. -Yours in Jesus,

"The Christian", November 20th, 1873.

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