Yeovil (1862)

Our beloved brother John Vine has recently paid a visit to this town, and his labours have been blessed by our risen Lord. On Sunday, Dec. 14, during the evening service, numbers were in tears, and the Lord gave him especial power to lift up Jesus and tell of his love. At the close he requested the children of the Lord to remain in silent prayer to God for two or three minutes, that sinners may be saved. It was a deeply solemn time and the power of the presence of Jesus seemed to be realised by all. Between thirty and forty stayed back to be spoken to, apparently in great distress about their souls. The scene was truly affecting. Tears and sobs were seen and heard, and the children of God embraced this opportunity of pointing broken-hearted sinners to Jesus who alone can heal them. Several were brought to rest on his finished work, and their faces were radiant with smiles of joy. A brother was speaking to one young man who was in great concern, the tears rolling down his cheeks as he confessed he felt himself to be a poor lost sinner. He was asked if he would be happy if it could be told him that his sins were pardoned. He said, "Oh! I should be happy." The 53rd of Isaiah was read to him, and the brother said, "The very sins that you are now groaning under were laid upon Jesus more than eighteen hundred years ago. God took them and laid them upon his Son, and He put them away by his own blood." Matt. ix. 2 was then read, "Son, be of good cheer, thy sins be forgiven thee," and in a few moments he was enabled to take Jesus at his word, and said, "I do believe it; I am happy now, for He has pardoned all my sins." It was then mentioned that this young man could rejoice in Jesus, and his poor father, who had been praying for him for many years, said, "What, John, is that you? this is the happiest day of my life." The poor old man seemed to be full of gratitude to God for the salvation of his son. Several other cases of interest occurred. One young man and woman who had lately been married were convinced of sin that night and the following week were brought to peace through a Saviour's death. 

"The Revival," January 15th, 1863.

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