Papa Stour - Shetland (1865)

Work continues to advance and cheering accounts come from many places. As in the days of the apostolic revivals, so now, prayer meetings are the characteristics of the happy movement, and those who have tasted of the blessed fruits of the Spirit “continue steadfast in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread and then prayers.” … The Christian news from Sandsting and Walls is very encouraging and Mr Adam's labours there are blessed to many souls.

On his way to Papa Stour he was detained for a week at Sandness by stress of the weather. Mr James Garioch of Raewick, being in that district at the time, settling with the tenants and fishermen, he readily joined in the evening meetings, and the season was a refreshing one, rich with heavenly blessings. This young gentleman's pious labours and example are a blessing in the above parishes, and several instances can be given where the Word of life sown by him was, indeed has indeed been blessed. Would that the Spirit of the Lord, in like manner would actuate the hearts of all our Shetland proprietors and factors to take similar interest in the eternal concerns of those under them. A fresh impulse from a new quarter would add much to the advancement of Christ's cause in our islands.

The short time Mr Adam was in Papa Stour the good done was very marked; about 60 souls were benefited. The people appeared in a very hardened state of mind. The first three or four meetings, very few attended and no anxiety appeared. The Evangelist was on the eve of leaving the island, despairing of good being done at that time, when the weather interfered and prevented him leaving. The Lord had a work to do that, though man, however, faithful, could not see it. Blessed be His name, when the heaven appears most like brass, prayer is being answered, the little cloud appears. Many prayers are being offered for Papa Stour, and a prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God could not, in virtue of his promises, delay the blessing.  Fourth evening, the meeting was better attended and six young persons came forward anxious. Fifth evening, a good attendance; 12 anxious. Sixth evening, school room quite full and more came forward wishing to be directed to the Lamb of God. On Sabbath, the meetings were in the church forenoon afternoon; the word came with power, and few were unimpressed there that day. The last meeting a good many came forward, anxiously enquiring after the truth, people advanced in years and young men and young women, many of whom were made happy in the love of Jesus, and through divine grace, decided for Him. 

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