Blake Hall (1862)

Mr H. M. Hooke came from London to visit about mid-summer, 1862, to some of his relations in Nottinghamshire, in the neighbourhood of Annesely and Blake Hall, for the benefit of his health; but it was soon manifest that God had brought him into Nottinghamshire to labour in a more extensive field of usefulness. He was first led amongst those nearest death and eternity; some of these embraced Christ for their portion, and are now among the shining ones in glory. He was invited to preach and accepted the invitation: the Holy Ghost attended the word and the cry for mercy was heard. He preached again and again; greater and yet greatest signs followed. The result was, that in about six weeks, 150 precious souls were brought to God of all ages, from the child of 10 years old to the old man of more than three score years and ten. What a glorious change; the rough, drunken, fighting, cursing, insulting collier and stockinger were turned into happy Christians, and now the praises of the Redeemer may be heard in every direction.

On the 3rd of August, a few of us attended the meeting at Blake Hall, where numbers were rejoicing in the love of God; brother, Hooke, preached after service was ended we invited him to come to Normanton. He said he’d made engagements up to the last week in October.

"The Revival," March 12th 1863

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