Landkey (1861)

We had long been in a cold, lifeless state, as it were, until the Lord, in his mercy towards us, sent that servant of his, Mr Hambleton, in March last, when the power of the Holy Spirit came down in an extraordinary manner. Believers were baptised and stout-hearted sinners were made to tremble and bow before the Lord till at length they were enabled to rejoice in Him as their God and Father in Christ. Among others who have shared in the blessings of this great salvation, there is a company of quarrymen with several of their wives, residing in cottages near the quarries in which they work, where they have con?tinued to hold prayer-meetings among themselves. When we look at these men, contrasting their present state with what it was a few months since, when they were living without God and without hope in the world, regardless of his Sabbath and of his house, we are constrained to say, "What hath God wrought?? The Lord keep them faithful unto death. The gracious work extended also to the dear children in the Sunday-school, and many a teacher's heart has been gladdened in seeing the answer to his prayer for the dear young ones in his class. May He who carries the lambs in his bosom preserve them. On Tuesday, April 23, we had a meeting, afternoon and evening, for thanksgiving to God for his gracious visit to us of mercy and salvation. It will be a time long to be remembered by many. The Lord did indeed come, making the place of his feet glorious.

We ask prayer for this place, that the Lord may be pleased to continue to save poor sinners around here, and that the precious words of the Saviour in his last prayer with his dis?ciples may be answered in the case of his followers here also, "That they all may be one, and that the world may believe that Thou hast sent me."

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 55.

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