Blairgowrie First Free Church - D L Moody (1874)

Messrs Moody and Sankey held an open-air meeting at Blairgowrie on the evening of Sabbath last. The expected visit of these honoured brethren created an unprecedented interest in this quarter, and towards the appointed hour crowds of people came flocking from all the surrounding districts. The gathering was consequently great and was generally estimated at about 7,000, consisting of all classes.

After devotional exercises had been engaged in, Mr Moody spoke. The discourse abounded in rich utterances of a free gospel. The glad tidings of mercy through Christ were clearly enunciated. The offer of immediate salvation was pressed on everyone with great seriousness and solemnity. By means of evangelical truth luminously stated, anecdotes pointed and most graphically given, illustrations fresh and felicitous, attention was arrested and sustained, and many countenance betrayed in its expression the interest which was being felt and the deep emotion which was being awakened. A wave of divine influence seemed to pass over the immense audience, and so stirred were the hearts of many, that they were ready to say, " Surely the Lord is in this place.' It was a marvellous and will be a memorable meeting. The vast congregation, the glorious proclamation of God's grace, the eagerness with which the truth was listened to, the widespread concern about everlasting interests, will be long remembered with no ordinary degree of pleasure and profit.

Mr Sankey sang several hymns with his usual power and pathos. He was aided by an excellent choir, and the service of song had a thrilling and elevating effect. The 5th of July 1874 is a day to be remembered here, for such a numerous assemblage, for such a purpose, had never before gathered in Blairgowrie.

The open-air meeting having been concluded, another was held for inquirers in the First Free Church. Mr Moody again opened up the way of life through Christ, sought to land everyone in the valley of decision, and urged an instant acceptance of salvation. Deeply moved in his own spirit, he spoke with intense earnestness and tears in his eyes. The address was over-powering. He said, that if he could believe for all present, he would have them saved within an hour. The hymns sung at this meeting were very appropriate, and given with great fervour and feeling.

Mr Moody asked the anxious to remain in the church after the others had retired. A great many kept their seats, with hearts beating under deep spiritual concern. Young men and young women were to be found bowed down under a sense of guilt, and melted into tears, and seeking salvation; old men and old women were asking the way to Him. Some that had been living in the region of scepticism had their consciences pierced. Eternity was bulking largely in the minds of some whose hearts hitherto had been given to the world. The spectacle was stirring and solemnizing. It animated and encouraged the hearts of ministers and others who had been praying, "Wilt Thou not revive us?" Mr Moody said that he had not seen so many broken hearts at his first meeting in any place, and that he had been greatly delighted by the tokens of God's grace and goings among the people. Many united meetings for prayer have been held in this place since the commencement of the year. During last week, midday and evening meetings were maintained every day, and these are to be continued this week. It is to be hoped that the result of the present revival movement will be to innaugurate a new era of spiritual life in this district. We anticipate that there will be abundant fruits of holiness, that God's people will wax stronger and stronger, and that the Lord will add to the Church daily such as shall be saved. May He hasten it in His timel

"Times of Blessing," July 16th, 1874.


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