John Street Baptist Church - London (1860)

This church and the pastor Baptist Noel, were much used in the revival.

Some of the happiest revival meetings we have attended, during the past two years, have been at John Street chapel. At no place havewe experienced some more of the happy liberty which the Spirit gives because the liberty is allowed, no restraints are sought to be imposed. On this occasion there were five preachers. First and introductory, Mr Noel, Mr Radcliffe, a Christian brother from the country, who spoke with great earnestness and affection and two working men, members of John Street Church, both recent converts, who bore precious testimony to the knowledge of pardoned sin and the joys of a godly life. We were particularly struck with the immediate response given to Mr Radcliffe's invitation to any ladies present seeking the Lord to meet him in the vestry. Perhaps not less than 20 well-dressed femails immediately followed him.

From, 'The Revival', Volume v, 7th December 1861.

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Building no longer there

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