Affetside (1863)

The Lord has begun a very blessed work at a place called Affeside in this neighbourhood. I think it was soon after Christmas a few friends went into that locality for the purpose of relieving the distress. In one house there lived a poor aged widow. She asked these friends if they would pray with her. They came the following Sunday evening. The old woman had told her neighbours and when the friends came the house was full. These meetings were continued each Sunday evening and on the 15th of February I was invited to preach to these people. I found about two hundred of them waiting in the small chapel, hungering and thirsting after the word. We had a very precious time, and I believe many hearts were broken on account of sin, and I think there were ten or twelve who professed to find redemption through the precious blood of the Lamb. We continued the meetings for three or four nights, and many more were led to Christ, and there were not many families left unvisited by the influences of the Holy Spirit.

"The Revival," April 30th, 1863.

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