Annisland Pit (1874)

Some weeks ago the Spirit of God began manifestly to work in the mining district of Jordanhill and Hill-head, near Glasgow, a place where often in times past the blessing has been given. One of the miners themselves has supplied the materials for the following brief account:-

In the Annisland coal pit, there are fifteen miners. The breakfast hour is from nine to ten o'clock. On Monday, 4th May, five of these workers in the pit, who are Christian men, were led to notice with concern the deadening effect of the common sort of conversation in which they were apt to engage and resolved to refresh themselves by prayer and hymn-singing as soon
as breakfast was over. This was done at once and in prayer the case of the unsaved was specially laid before the Lord. The singing of the hymns attracted notice, and perhaps helped to melt hearts, for they found that the other miners were willing to come and join them in this after-breakfast service daily. The place of meeting (unlike any other here) is 150 yards below the
surface of the earth, 11 feet wide, 18 long, and 6 feet high, the roof, formed of the mineral known to miners by the term 'blaes,' supported by beams of wood. It might be said, "The earth with its bars is about them (Jonah i. 6); and from that singular temple praise ascended and importunate prayer into the ears of Jonah's God. At times, so earnest were the supplications, those who pleaded were moved to tears when speaking to the Lord about those who resisted the
Spirit. On the first Saturday two of the miners found rest in Christ, and on Sabbath another, who next morning stated at the meeting how he had been led. He had for a time thought that the Lord would, as it were, in a moment lift him out of his state of conviction and darkness into blessedness by an act of mere power, but he began to see that it was by the truth that the Spirit wrought; and while he was pondering the passage, 'As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God' (John i. 12), he discovered that he must first receive Christ. "I know." he said, "that some of you are expecting a similar experience before you are saved, but you will never be saved unless you receive Jesus. God's way is, receive first, then afterwards you get rest and happiness." 

In the second week, the death of a little child of four years, who gave evidence of loving the Lord, produced a deep impression on the father, who had been bound up in that child. After the funeral, some friends spoke to him of Christ, who heals the broken in heart, and pointed him to the cross. His eyes were opened on Christ, and that very week he began to be a cheerful worker for his Lord. Altogether, twenty souls have been the fruit of these meetings; and then, encouraged by this blessing, the same brethren, joined by like-minded friends began evening meetings in five villages near the pits. Every night some soul has been wounded by the arrows of the Mighty One. At one place the house was so crowded that two of the brethren were unable to get entrance. Meanwhile, an elderly man on horseback, as he came along the road, heard the singing, stopped, entered into conversation, here he left to go on his way seemed to discover the way to New Jerusalem.
During the third week a work began to appear

to finish

"Times of Blessing," June 4th, 1874.

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