Bildestone School (1860)

On the following evening a meeting was held in the schoolroom at Bildestone, presided over by the Rector of the parish, the room was over-filled; in other respects the meeting was a delightful one, for the Holy Spirit was there. The Rector was heard to declare that no single thing took place with which the most captious could find fault. At this place also the after meeting was much blessed; indeed at all the four meetings there was an unusual blessing.

It was the testimony of several Christians with whom we spoke that their souls were revived at these meetings with renewed love to Jesus and that the Lord was manifestly present by his Holy Spirit. We were pleased to see a young clergyman of the Church of England come forward boldly and speak at three of these meetings, where he stated that he had examined carefully and anxiously the evidence of others who had seen the work of Revival for themselves, and having come to the conclusion that it was indeed the Lord's work, determined to support it openly. He further stated that for two and a half years he had preached about Christ from the pulpit, and yet had only found and known Him to be his own Saviour within the last three months, since which time many in his own parish had been led to Jesus and had found Him to be the "pearl of great price."

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