Chalmers' Presbyterian Church, Ancoats (1861)

Dear Sir,—The Sabbath meetings in Manchester continue crowded to excess, and fruits are gathered which make the heart rejoice. Last Sabbath, 3rd inst., Mr Radcliffe, whose will to work is greater far than his bodily strength, addressed two vast assemblages with great power and effect. The Lord was manifestly present, and after the evening service the two large ante-rooms were filled with those anxious to be conversed with and pointed to Christ. Some had their convictions deepened, some their doubts removed, and many went away feeling it was good to be there. On the following Wednesday evening, a meeting was held in Chalmers' Presby­terian Church, Ancoats. It was well attended, but it was more remarkable for its character than its numbers. I have seen a good deal of this work, but I must say it has not fallen to my lot to witness such a meeting, to see so many who, when the question was put to them, could say that they had found Christ, and were happy in Him. Nor was it the confession of the mouth only; very many faces beamed with unmistakable delight, and betokened a peace in the Soul which the world can neither give nor take away. The mere on-looker could say, "Behold how they love one another," Many came long distances to be present at this prayer-meeting though neither Mr Weaver nor Mr Radcliffe was to be there. They came to meet with God's people, and what was better, to meet with Christ.

From, 'Revival Newspaper' Volume v, page 164, Nov 23rd, 1861.

Additional Information

The church is no longer there.

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