Methil Parish Church (1874)

THE Rev. George Wilson of the Tolbooth Parish Church, Edinburgh, has been, conducting a mission in this parish. Preparatory prayer meetings had been held weekly for three weeks previously by the Rev. T. Morison, and prayer had been asked in several quarters.

On Saturday, the 7th November, the services were begun by Mr Wilson holding a prayer meeting at 2 o'clock at a house in the parish. 

On Sunday the 8th, Mr Wilson conducted morning and evening services in the church and preached to the children in the afternoon.

Great interest and attention was shown at all the services, but specially in the evening, when the attendance was very large, and the interest very great. Mr Wilson invited his hearers. to return on the following evening; and on Monday, through wind and rain, a number of people returned, and about thirty remained to the after-meeting. On Tuesday more than double, and an increasing number each evening, who seemed most anxious. 

A noon meeting was also held daily by Mr Wilson, which was greatly valued, many coming out from Leven to be present at it.
Most of the ministers in the neighbourhood took an interest in these meetings, and it has been determined to continue them weekly, either in private houses or in the vestries of different churches. 

A meeting was held by Mr Wilson on two of the days, at 4 o'clock, in a schoolroom at Methil Hill, an inland mining village in the parish.

It is too soon perhaps to tell of results, but enough has been seen and heard to cheer the hearts of all interested in the work, and the visit of this servant of the Lord will be long remembered, as well by those of this people who have been refreshed, as by those who have been quickened into new life and brought to Jesus for the first time.

"Times of Blessing," Dec 3rd, 1874.

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