Great Yarmouth (1874)

 Again it is our joy to chronicle the goodness and mercy of the Lord in the preaching of the glorious gospel of Christ. We asked prayer of your readers and now we give heartfelt thanks to the abundant answer given in Yarmouth.

Reaching the town on Monday last we found very manifest preparation for the special work. About 14 ministers had been earnestly preparing the way by much prayer and effort and the welcome accorded was exceedingly grateful. The noon prayer meeting on Monday, before our arrival, was felt to be a very hallowed season and the evening meeting saw large numbers crowding the Wesleyan Chapel in the town. It was a season of solemn testimony and the Holy Spirit showed many souls the glory of Christ according to the Lord’s promise, “He shall glorify me, for He shall receive of me and shall show it unto you.”

Tuesday witnessed increasing interest, the noon prayer meeting being the scene of earnest supplication. The Bible readings each afternoon at three have been full of power. Hundreds of Christians are literally rejoicing with unspeakable joy, whilst others have come up to the heights of Zion. The Master’s hallowing presence has strengthened many weak ones and His anointing power, giving beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning, has been gloriously realised. The young have specially gathered and many of the lambs are safely in the arms of Jesus.

The evening meetings numbering from 2,000 to 2,500 crowded the famous drill hall. It is closely planked, so that in the after meetings we can easily get amongst the inquirers, whilst a spacious anteroom secured many of whom we write in The Confidence of Faith. They now know repentance toward God and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ. We have no fear in speaking of results. The Lord has been sought; we are his servants and he does not send us out with stones for bread or words of death for life. Hundreds have passed from death unto to life. The number of anxious inquirers in the room for the five evenings reached 287, being but a part of many hundreds pricked to the heart. The largest number was on Friday evening when 96 expressed their spiritual anxiety. Many dear brethren and sisters in Christ dealt with the souls all over the building and the meeting saw us until near midnight bringing to the light of life. 

We paraded the streets, singing and reading and inviting the people, the ministers and leading townsmen strengthening our hands and the Lord was magnified.


“The Christian” June 25th, 1874.

Again we have to tell of the good hand of the Lord in His work both at Yarmouth and Norfolk. I was present at the former town on the 12th and we had very large gatherings, the evening meeting numbering not less than 10,000 during the hour-and-a-half service on the beach. The numbers brought to Christ are steadily augmenting and my last meeting numbered some hundreds of converted and awakened ones...

Norwich has again witnessed a deep interest in the gospel of Christ. The work has gone on steadily ever since my former visit, many of the clergy, ministers, and laymen working and preaching night after night in various parts of the city. Not a few of the workers need rest, and some are taking it. 

The intense heat tried us and prevented many coming but we had times of refreshing, and the joy of the Lord filled our cups to overflow again and again. It was the joy of harvest. A special season with seeking ones is very grateful to my mind, for the Lord so sweetly imparted light and life that many passed from the poverty of sin and death into possession of the un

The last meetings were very full of power. The evening meeting was a glorious gathering in the St Andrew's Hall and Christ Jesus was lifted up as the Lord's provision for the believer in time and evermore.

The Lord's-day evening meeting saw a gathering estimated at 10,000, and a very hallowed season we had, though the immense throng had in it the element of thoughtless boys, who act as boys usually do. The Lord grant that the precious seeds of truth scattered over this large area may be found in many, bringing forth thirty, sixty, yea, a hundredfold.

"The Christian," July 30th, 1874.

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Not sure which Drill Hall or which Wesleyan Church.

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