Batcombe (1864)

I am sure your readers will be glad to hear of the happy results of the labours of our dear brother Andrew Doel, who has laboured zealously and faithfully with us. When he came amongst us, our village was in a dead bad state, as well as the church, but the Lord has made him an instrument in his hands in the conviction of about sixty souls, and many more are now seeking the Lord. I never saw such times in Batcombe before in my life. It was a time of deep contrition with the church as well as with the penitent. I have seen the young, six at a time, come forward and give their hearts to God. Oh, what a joyful time it was to us all; and must it not be glorious sight to see the young people coming forward to be on the Lord's side. Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wives, and husbands have been brought to God. All the villages around seem to have caught the flame. I have seen the scoffer brought as a child to the penitent bench, asking what he must do to be saved; yea, and some of the vilest of the village have been brought to God. Surely we ought to rejoice, and seek more the aid of the Holy Spirit instead of the aid of men. Lord, fill our pulpits with men full of faith and of the Holy Ghost, and not full of human eloquence, under which no soul is converted to God. 

"The Revival," January 19th, 1865.

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