St Ann's Wells Road Chapel, Nottingham (1874)

It will be interesting to many readers of THE CHRISTIAN who have made intercession for the Mission in connection
with St. Ann's Well-road Chapel, to know that their prayers have been abundantly answered. The power of the Spirit has been present with wounding and with healing grace; some of the hardest hearts have been broken by the hammer of the Word, and the arrows of conviction have been sharp in the heart of the King's enemies. About fifty persons have declared their faith in Jesus, and doubtless, there are others whom the Spirit of the Lord has convicted and converted of whom we have not heard. Believers, too, have been quickened into higher life, are conscious of stronger faith, and are consecrating themselves anew. The Spirit of God has done great things for us, whereof we are glad, and we shall yet see greater things than these. "He has given us the former rain moderately, and He will cause to come down the rain, the former rain and the latter rain, in the first month;" we believe it and are glad.  The Mission preachers have been the Revs J. Fleming, of Kentish Town; J. Calvert, of Sheffield; I. Ryder, of Nottingham; and Mr Noah Bailey, of Lambeth. Mr Wallis, of the Open-air Mission, rendered us great help in open-air work. The services continued over a week and were brought to a close on Saturday evening, March 28, by a tea meeting of those who, during the Mission had been brought over to the Lord's side. About forty sat down. A delightful evening of prayer and praise concluded the joyful services of this our first Mission week.


"The Christian", April 16th, 1874.

Additional Information

I think this is where the church was, it has been demolished.

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