South Shields (1877)

Mr J. W. Jordan has conducted children's services here from April 23 to May 2. After the first week Mr Jordan called two meetings of teachers. Both were well attended, and the power of the Holy Ghost was present, stirring all up to greater earnestness. Since then the work has gone on with increasing power. On Sunday, April 29, the largest hall in the town was twice crowded. At the evening meeting many souls (adults as well as children) closed with the offer of salvation. The last three meetings were held at Tyne Dock, which is in the high part of Shields. Many pleasing incidents could be mentioned in connection with the work, but one or two must suffice. One teacher had the joy of seeing eleven out of her class of sixteen brought of the Lord. Another, whose heart was in the work, rose at four in the morning so that she might get her work finished in time to enable her to attend the meetings. Mr Jordan has left us just when the work seemed beginning; but his visit will be remembered by many, who will follow him with their prayers and who trust (the Lord willing) that it will not be long ere he pays another visit to South Shields.

"The Christian," May 3rd, 1877.

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