Wolverhampton (1864)

One thousand one hundred and thirty souls have joined our ranks in this circuit alone in this awakening, and every week the number increases, and the trophies of the Cross are multiplied. Young men and maidens are becoming valiant for Christ; they sing, pray, and exhort with great power and effect. Last Sabbath the word of the Lord was quick and powerful in the awakening and conversion of sinners. The stout-hearted quailed before the word. Amongst the cases of conversion was a fallen young woman, the daughter of a clergyman. Several of this class of persons have been saved lately whose lives are now
adorning the doctrine of Christ their Saviour. One of our preaching stations is an old public house. We have taken it and turned it into a house of prayer. The large clubroom is filled to overflowing at the services, and many precious souls have there found the Saviour. The work is going forward with power in this locality. If we had funds sufficient we could, by the blessing of God, extend our efforts of usefulness in every direction, and I have no doubt with greater success than ever, and win many thousands to the Saviour. This is the time for gathering in a great harvest of sinners. Will those who are anxious to spread the Redeemer's kingdom help us in this matter? Some of the sinners saved are very rough, but no
doubt the great Master will polish them as He has done others before. Many of them who were before their conversion to God like ferocious beasts of the forest, have become meek as lambs, and a little child may lead them; many a wretched home has been made happy, and many a sorrowful heart glad; mothers' hearts have danced for joy over their converted children, and wives have rejoiced at the salvation of their ungodly, and, in many instances, brutish husbands. Willenhall, where the lock trade is carried on, is to be the next place for special effort. We have taken the large market hall for our preaching place. I trust that great success will attend the services to be held. We ask an interest in the prayers of God's people. At Wolverhampton the slain of the Lord are many. Sabbath after Sabbath souls are being  Every available place, either for sitting or standing, is filled and numbers unable to get in. Many that were not accustomed to weep have shed floods of tears, and with strong crying have sought and found the Lord. Songs of deliverance have resounded through the spacious hall, and praises loud and long
have gone up to heaven over many repenting sinners.

"The Revival," April 28th, 1864.

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