Carlisle - Phoebe Palmer (1860)

What hath God wrought! Notwithstanding some trying circumstances calculated to retard the work, the Lord has wrought most graciously. Over four hundred and fifty, we have reason to believe, have been born into the kingdom of grace during the progress of the work which commenced since we came here. Many of the disciples of Jesus have also sought and obtained the full baptism of the Holy Ghost (Holiness). One feature of the work, which has been exceedingly satisfactory, is such a gathering of people from remote places. Not a few of these have returned to their homes in companies the same evening a distance of several miles. Those who came seeking, generally lingered around the altar of prayer, until He whom they sought revealed him- self the fairest among ten thousand. Then in the Dliss of their first espousal, feeling that the joy of the Lord was their strength, they were ready to return to their distant homes singing, — “With Thee conversing, we forget all time and toil and care: Labor is rest, and pain is sweet, While thou, my God, art near!”

From, "Four Years in the Old World," page 207, by Phoebe Palmer.


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